Sep. 6th, 2008 11:34 am
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SG:Atlantis - s5 ep7: Whispers )

Right. Enough of that. I'd better go and get dressed, really, as we're supposed to be going shopping today and it's almost after 12noon. Oops :)


Mar. 14th, 2008 10:05 pm
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Okay, so, I have a confession to make. My Best Friend's Wedding is one of my all-time favourite films ever. It's the "feel good" film that I put on when I'm feeling down. With this in mind, I've long harboured a secret desire to write an SGA AU based on the premise of the film - character A and character B are best friends who were once involved, but decided they were better off as friends. Then suddenly character A finds out that character B is getting married and A freaks out - A wants B for themselves, gosh darnit! A was there first! So A dashes off to [city] with the intention of stopping the wedding. As the story continues, A has a lot of hilarious misadventures trying to split our devoted couple up, and along the way realises that they do actually love B. I won't spoil the end on the off chance that anyone would care, but it's just a totally cute film.

So, today one of my favourite, long-quiet communities - [ profile] sga_reel - posted a romcom challenge, and what was there on the list, at number 41? Yes, that's right, My Best Friend's Wedding.

I'm quite tempted. I keep refreshing the page to see if anyone's claimed it. ;) That said, I haven't written a single fictional word in over three years, and the deadline is in 8 weeks - within that 8 weeks I have a few other little things going on, like possibly buying a house, certainly moving out, passing my driving test (I hope!), and buying a car. So am I really going to be able to hit the deadline? Also - important factor to consider - I'm incredibly lazy.

But it would work really well. I'm planning it out in my head already. Ahrg!

ETA: Oh yeah, I also had my "away day" with my new work on Thursday. It went really well. Everyone seems very nice. I've got an awful lot to learn, not least NHS jargon, but I'm really looking forward to starting there. I was in a foul mood all day and terribly short-tempered with colleagues when I was back in work today, partly because of PMS but partly because I just want to get out of there and start my new job now.

Also I'm going to look at some houses tomorrow. Not as many as I'd like, but a start.
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Hah. My mother and I have reached a peace over the car, because I was uber grown up and mature and sensible about it and stuff. Like totally! :D She may even have been won over by my pro-Fiesta arguments.

I win at life :)

In other news, I just rewatched this week's SGA episode - s4 ep17: Midway )

I also accidentally watched the trailer for next week. DOH!!! I won't say anything about it at all, because I'm going to try to forget I saw it. I wish I'd stopped myself, but once it started I just couldn't. DOH! Bad me.
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Right, I promised a fic recs post, so here one is. To be honest, I've mostly been re-reading Sith Academy, because it makes me so indescribably happy. I first read Sith Academy while I was writing (or not, in fact, on account of reading SA instead) my undergrad dissertation. [ profile] akire_yta expressed her shock that I didn't know what a Hamster Death Gulp was, and pointed me in the right direction to remedy my ignorance. The rest, as they say, is history. I admit, there are two stories in there which I skip, because I don't count them as canon, on account of them being ... not as high quality as the rest, shall we say? But the rest, I have read at least three times now, and it still makes me dizzy with joy :)

The only downside is that I'm nearing the end now (30 fics to go), which makes me sad, because my god there's nothing else like Sith Academy. But it's sort of like [ profile] nocturne_alley - it's a beautiful fandom experience, and whenever I think about it I just remember how amazing the first time was. Only with SA I can reread it, unlike NA. Oh, NA. I loved NA. God, I loved NA.

But that's not actually what I'm here for. The recs I want to make are the things I've been reading besides SA. All SGA, I'm afraid, and all McShep. I'm nothing if not loyal to my OTPs.

I am up to date on all episodes that have aired so far, but am NOT spoiled for ANY future events or ANY future developments (including season 5 spoilers - I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW).

So these may have some s4 spoilers, but won't go beyond what's aired. I've tried to mark the ones I remember as having spoilers, but I'm a bit rubbish so I may have missed some. If you're in any doubt, and are hardcore at spoiler avoiding, like me, and you're pre season 4, you're probably best steering clear of this whole post, just in case.

SGA recs here - behind a cut because they're longer than I expected )

So there we go. I promised recs, and recs I delivered :) These are all bookmarked on my account too, if anyone ever wants to track what I'm reading. I only bookmark things I love, so it's a good bet, if something's there, I'd probably rec it if I were writing a rec post. Given that I'm too lazy to write regular posts, it may just be easier to follow the bookmarking. Although I do sometimes also bookmark cake recipes and stuff ;)

Speaking of cake, I made a lemon chocolate cake this weekend, because I had some eggs left over from Shrove Tuesday. I set out to make a lemon cake because I also had lemon juice left over from Shrove Tuesday, but it became a chocolate cake because, well, I like chocolate. It doesn't actually taste of lemon at all, nor does the "lemon" icing, but my goodness it tastes nice. It's v moist. Not sure whether that's the subtle influence of the lemon juice. I may have to investigate this further by a). making more cakes, and b). eating a piece now. Mmm cake.


Feb. 2nd, 2008 12:34 pm
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Two things are making me happy right now.

1). Driving. I don't know why I always get so scared about my driving lessons. I mean, yes, it's a scary business. I could kill someone with that thing. Or, you know, a bus full of nuns and orphans or whatever. But I won't, because I'm actually okay at this driving business. Not great, not amazing, not ready to take my test yet. But I'm getting there, and I'm on track, so I should stop worrying and learn to love the car :)

2). Atlantis. Atlantis makes me SO HAPPY :D :D :D
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I'm so wildly jealous of the people going to Peg3 this weekend, I might cry.

I haven't been to a con since the BSG one, and that was AGES ago! :'(

I don't like being constantly in the company of normal people. It makes me feel horribly inadequate. Oh, my geeky TV-loving sci-fi freak friends! Why am I not with you this weekend? Why!!
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Hirsute marines compete for glory

The Royal Marines have found a novel way to keep a stiff upper lip while fighting the Taleban in Helmand Province this Christmas - by holding a "moustache contest".

The marines of 40 Commando are vying to see who can grow the most outrageous piece of face furniture in a competition that will be judged by a panel of their peers on Boxing Day.

This is just one of those Christmas "..and finally" stories that's on the BBC News website, but I love the idea of the SGA marines on Atlantis having a moustache competition. Hah! :)
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I blame [ profile] munchkinott for this, but I've really been enjoying Robin Hood. I haven't even watched the first season, and I've only seen the last couple of weeks, but after my mother's brief flirtation with the show (alas she has no staying power and has already abandoned it), I seem to have taken up the torch.

More bizarrely, I really want to write a contemporary AU about it. Wtf!

In other TV news, let's start with Heroes )

House )


Supernatural )


So that's been my TV this week. Well, that and Strictly Come Dancing and Robin Hood tonight. I'll just say that Gethin and Camilla was robbed! And if I posted about Robin Hood it would just be lots of squeeing about, well, all of it really.

My mother just sent me an instant message via Googlemail to say that she's found a webcam for a donkey sanctuary she's sent a donation to. God help the Internet.
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Success! :) After yesterday's utter shopping failure, we hit Gunwharf Quays this morning, which proved itself against my criticisms of earlier this week that it was overrated by providing a suit, shoes, a new bag, and trainers! Awesome :) Thank you Austin Reed, among others. I always thought it was a menswear shop, but no. And not only that, because it's Gunwharf it was an outlet shop, with a sale on. Awesome :) And my boots were outlet price, and my bag, and my trainers too.

In other news, I've been meaning to post about all the shows I've been watching, but I just haven't got around to it. So here's a general post about everything, with some spoilers for aired things, and only one specific spoiler for things in SGA that haven't aired yet, which I believe everyone knows already because it's fairly unavoidable, but beware if you're utterly and entirely unspoiled.

So .. let's start with CSI )

Supernatural )

Studio 60 )

House )


Heroes )

And after all that, I'm going to go and get my new trousers adjusted so they're short enough (e.g. cut off at least 6 inches from the leg. Doh!)
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So, yeah. I caved. It was entirely [ profile] nausica2's fault. What can you do. *shrug*

But before that, there was something else in Adrift (s4 ep1) that I wanted to mention. )

And so, the accidentally released onto iTunes episode. Look away if you're being strong and not reading spoilers. I commend you. SGA s4 ep4: Doppelganger )


Sep. 18th, 2007 01:54 pm
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I reeeeaaaaallllllllly want to go to Peg3.

Won't anyone come with me? *big eyes*
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As reported earlier, Jay Sheppard is on his way here for an interview.

I suspect I may be disappointed, but I will report back.

ETA: I didn't actually get to see what he looked like. Probably for the best.

Awesome :)

Sep. 8th, 2007 09:44 pm
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I picked up a copy of season 3 of BSG at Tesco this morning for £33, I've spent this afternoon catching up on my fic reading, then I watched two awesome episodes of Stargate: Atlantis, now Stargate (the film) is on, and after that it's Back to the Future III.

Today is made of awesome :D

Normal people do not understand this sort of joy, but life is good.

Fic rec

Sep. 6th, 2007 06:29 pm
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Yes, I too spent yesterday reading [ profile] cesperanza's SGA fic Written by the Victors, and I too think it is the most awesome thing since awesome was invented.

SGA, 55,000 words, a few different pairings appear but it's mostly McShep.

My summary? The IOA remembers that Atlantis is a flying city and can be brought back to Earth - Sheppard says "no".

It's all kinds of awesome, told, in part, through academic-style political history book and journal article quotes, which is the most awesome thing ever. The relationships are pretty much secondary to the process of organising a new society in Atlantis, and although there are some things I'd quite like fleshed out, the relatively bare structure works very, very well.

My only quibble is about kitchens. Why, when people in fic move into their new, bigger, domestic quarters - which, for some reason, they hadn't noticed before, so had been living in tiny closet-sized rooms - why must they always have their own kitchens? They have a mess hall for large-scale social eating. I know we're probably all scarred by the experience of having eating in school cafeterias in our youth, but really, having your own kitchen doesn't necessarily = omg serious grown-up relationship! It is possible to live with someone without cooking them meals.

That's really not about this fic though. This fic is awesome, kitchen or no ;)
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Further to yesterday's post, and the one before that too, today's database find is one Elizabeth Dex. LOL :D
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Apparently the "J Sheppard" from yesterday's thrilling post - who applied for a job here and is coming in for an interview next week - is not J Sheppard at all. S/He is Jay Sheppard. For a few minutes I thought they said Jane Sheppard, and I almost had an aneurysm.

Yeah. This is my life. *sigh*

Fic rec!

Sep. 3rd, 2007 08:45 am
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[ profile] rageprufrock's latest WiP offering, Lustrous, has eaten my soul!

I can't sleep for thinking about it. Perhaps I just have a weakness for girl!John, I'm not sure, but man I really love this fic. It's all so angsty and tragic - I love it! :D

I don't think I can do it justice in a description. There are four parts so far, probably not that many more (although she said three initially, so...), but it's really just such a fascinating concept. I love "When Universes Collide" stuff. Awesome.


Aug. 23rd, 2007 01:15 pm
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This week is dragging and dragging. Things are so dull here, it's unbelievable.

I'm still struggling womanfully on with this (probably not) broken toe. My flatmate, N, hurt her back last night - she managed to come in to work for all of four hours before going home in pain. What about my toe pain, huh! No one cares about that! She got pain killers and sympathy - I got nothing. PAH!

Okay, so my toe doesn't really hurt that much, but no one but me knows that! (And you guys, of course). PAH and pah again. A plague on all your houses. Not yours, loyal and loving Flist. You have been v good to me through all my emo whining.

My mother gets back from Italy tomorrow, and I'm going home on Saturday for the bank holiday weekend. We're going to bury Jenny's ashes in the garden, so a fun weekend to look forward to. That's probably partly why I'm feeling so crappy at the moment.

I've seen a cool job going at one of the mobile phone companies, doing regulatory stuff, which I might be able to convince them that I'm qualified for. Not sure, but I think I'll apply, see how it goes. I'm sick of this place, that's for sure. Nothing but trouble.

Why aren't there any SGA promo pictures yet? I want a new desktop wallpaper, but there's nothing out there. Most annoying! I know everyone else is all doom and gloom about this season, but I'm really looking forward to it (AND I AM SPOILER FREE, well mostly, SO PLEASE DON'T TELL ME WHY IT'S GOING TO SUCK I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!) I've started rewatching season 3. I'd forgotten how good it was. Awesome stuff. Watched Sateda and Progeny last night. Fabulous :) I didn't rate Sateda much last time, but it was really cool. I must admit, I skipped Irresistible though - that one's still shite.

ETA: Oh yeah, I meant to say - my dad turned up at the weekend, first time in well over six months, I think. Nothing much to report, except that I (finally) got my birthday present (nice fat cheque - what I deserve for it being 5 months late, I think), and they also offered to help with my mortgage deposit when I need one, which may or may not happen in reality, but the offer was nice.
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Mm, I'm watching Casablanca with the Maternal One. There should be an SGA version. Is there an SGA version, maybe over at [ profile] reel_sga? I will investigate.

ETA: "I remember every detail. The Germans wore grey; you wore blue."
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First things first, my computer has had this problem where it randomly restarts itself for quite some time now. My aunt has suggested, and I think she's right, that I need a new graphics card. Does anyone know anything about graphics cards? I have no clue whatsoever. Any help would be much appreciated.

In other news - Patrick Stewart was AWESOME in Twelfth Night. I'd forgotten, despite being a comedy, it's actually very sad. Everyone ends up miserable really, and the only one who gets what they want is Viola. Everyone else ends up compromising, or losing out. It was very good though. If you get a chance, you should totally go and see it.

We also saw Order of the Phoenix )

I also (finally) pre-ordered my book, so I can go down and pick it up at midnight next week. Eee! :) I'm going to re-read HBP in preparation.

Mm. I really fancy some HP fic now, but I'm not even on any communities or anything. Any recs?

I've also read some really good SGA fic recently, so I'm going to do a rec post soon, as long as I can remember the ones I wanted to rec. I'm so useless at that, but I'll try, because I want to share the love :)


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