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Another year, another Christmas over with. I got a reasonable haul of presents - Due South season 3, Swan Lake (CD and DVD), House season 3 .. actually that's about it. I'm going to go on a spree to buy some stuff for myself in the sales though.

The best thing so far has been that the Hallmark channel is showing a House season 2 marathon. Awesome :) Every time I turn the TV on, there's House! :)

I'm starting to get mildly concerned (again) about my housing situation. Flatmate!Natalie is planning to start looking for a new job in January, and she's the sort of girl who'll get one very quickly. Which, obviously, good for her, but it leaves me homeless again. Woe! :( I hate being homeless. I can't afford a place on my own, and I can't bear the thought of going back into a shared house. Not really sure what to do about it, to be honest. I don't suppose anyone needs a housemate in the east Berkshire or north Hampshire/Surrey region?

The other good thing about Xmas is that my mother has finally succumbed to the wonder that is Life on Mars. We're watching the finale episode right now. Awesome :)
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I blame [livejournal.com profile] munchkinott for this, but I've really been enjoying Robin Hood. I haven't even watched the first season, and I've only seen the last couple of weeks, but after my mother's brief flirtation with the show (alas she has no staying power and has already abandoned it), I seem to have taken up the torch.

More bizarrely, I really want to write a contemporary AU about it. Wtf!

In other TV news, let's start with Heroes )

House )


Supernatural )


So that's been my TV this week. Well, that and Strictly Come Dancing and Robin Hood tonight. I'll just say that Gethin and Camilla was robbed! And if I posted about Robin Hood it would just be lots of squeeing about, well, all of it really.

My mother just sent me an instant message via Googlemail to say that she's found a webcam for a donkey sanctuary she's sent a donation to. God help the Internet.
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Success! :) After yesterday's utter shopping failure, we hit Gunwharf Quays this morning, which proved itself against my criticisms of earlier this week that it was overrated by providing a suit, shoes, a new bag, and trainers! Awesome :) Thank you Austin Reed, among others. I always thought it was a menswear shop, but no. And not only that, because it's Gunwharf it was an outlet shop, with a sale on. Awesome :) And my boots were outlet price, and my bag, and my trainers too.

In other news, I've been meaning to post about all the shows I've been watching, but I just haven't got around to it. So here's a general post about everything, with some spoilers for aired things, and only one specific spoiler for things in SGA that haven't aired yet, which I believe everyone knows already because it's fairly unavoidable, but beware if you're utterly and entirely unspoiled.

So .. let's start with CSI )

Supernatural )

Studio 60 )

House )


Heroes )

And after all that, I'm going to go and get my new trousers adjusted so they're short enough (e.g. cut off at least 6 inches from the leg. Doh!)
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I overslept this morning, and then I got shampoo in my eye. Yeah, one of those days. Ouch. It still hurts.

I've been at work for over an hour and a half, and so far I've spent almost all that time reading LJ, commenting on LJ, and now posting on LJ. I apologies to everyone I've commented to, because I've been very verbose and really no one needs that level of caffeine-fueled thought at this hour of the morning.

Lost starts tonight. I think Channel 4 must've been whoring out every dancing girl they own these last few weeks, because Lost is everywhere, and all the reviews I've seen are very favourable. If it doesn't get huge ratings, it'll be quite a shock.

We're going to see Miss Saigon tomorrow, at Woking. I'm quite distressed actually - I booked months ago, and therefore didn't realise that by going on a Thursday it'd mean missing House! They don't repeat House, you know. Bloody channel 5 and their not repeating stuff. Grr ahrg.

See what I mean? Verbose rambling. I'll stop now and actually do some work. Probably. Only three more days until R gets back, and I'm meant to have sent this thing off to the printers and got a proof back and all the rest, and it isn't even finished yet. Oops. She's going to kill me.


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