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So I've spent the last two days looking at cars. By cars, I mean this car, which I want! But everyone around me is telling me not to. Tom at work thinks I ought to get an Aygo (because he just bought one, and is therefore biased). My mother thinks the Fiesta is "too sporty" and too expensive for a "first car". It's a Fiesta!! It is not too sporty! It's a Fiesta. They're like the elasticated trousers of the car world.

She wants me to get a "lower spec" one, i.e. no CD player, no aircon, no electric windows. I might as well put some wheels on a skip. I don't mind getting a used one, that's fine, but the Zetec range are on special offer, so it's barely any cheaper to get a used one right now, especially with the end of the financial year coming up and car salesman eager to hit their targets, unless I get a used one with 40 or 50 thousand miles on the clock.

I'm feeling a bit contrary about the whole thing. I sort of want to flounce off and buy it myself, but I do realise that it would be entirely counterproductive, and that they do have my best interests at heart.

But I want a shiny new car with Bluetooth! I never get anything I really want - why can't I have it just this one time?
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I'm sure it won't come as a surprise to anyone here that I am not really "down with the kids" in terms of things that are trendy or fashionable. My cousin's 21st birthday is coming up in mid March, and, considering that: a). it's her 21st, b). there was a point when we weren't sure she'd live to see it, and c). she's really spoilt anyway, she's asked us to get her some Tiffany jewellery.

Maybe it's because of my aforementioned lack of downness re: the kids, but to me this just looks like something a chav would get from Argos for his girlfriend for their 1 week anniversary. It's not even proper silver, it's sterling silver, but because it's made by Tiffany (via Elizabeth Duke) it costs £220! Here is an Argos one that looks, to me at least, pretty much that same, but costs £30.

Here's another thing she wants: a charm to go on the bracklet. It's .. it's a little sterling silver cube padlock. That costs £90! Seriously.

Am I just being old and curmudgeonly? Am I not properly appreciating the value of the craftsmanship of the small slave-labour children working in the Tiffany factories in south-east Asia?

I just don't understand it.
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Further to yesterday's post, about my mother's almost fan-like new love for Robin Hood, we were discussing Heroes in the car on the way home on Friday night, as you do, and I think she declared herself to be a Hiro/Ando shipper. "They're the most realistic couple," she said. Huh.

Just wait til season 2, mother. Then you'll see who's the most realistic couple ;D
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I've come home this weekend, because it's my mother's birthday on Tuesday and I thought it'd be a nice daughterly thing to do. Tonight we've just been hanging out, watching TV. My mother normally only watches things like Panorama specials about orphans in south-east Asia, documentaries about doctors on BBC4 (aka the most boring channel on earth), and University Challenge.

Tonight we watched Robin Hood. She howled with laughter the entire time, expressed sadness at not having watched it before, and declared her intention to watch it every week from now on.

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I just (finally) went through a sorted out a whole tonne (350+mb) of photos to send my cousin, including the photos I took at her wedding. Just as I started the disc burning .. MY COMPUTER CRASHED!!!! So now the carefully selecteed, hand-picked, sorted and categorised list of photos is lost, and the CDR is useless!


I really, really need a new computer. If nothing else, I need to know I can pound this one into pieces with a sledgehammer and not go without.


Aug. 23rd, 2007 01:15 pm
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This week is dragging and dragging. Things are so dull here, it's unbelievable.

I'm still struggling womanfully on with this (probably not) broken toe. My flatmate, N, hurt her back last night - she managed to come in to work for all of four hours before going home in pain. What about my toe pain, huh! No one cares about that! She got pain killers and sympathy - I got nothing. PAH!

Okay, so my toe doesn't really hurt that much, but no one but me knows that! (And you guys, of course). PAH and pah again. A plague on all your houses. Not yours, loyal and loving Flist. You have been v good to me through all my emo whining.

My mother gets back from Italy tomorrow, and I'm going home on Saturday for the bank holiday weekend. We're going to bury Jenny's ashes in the garden, so a fun weekend to look forward to. That's probably partly why I'm feeling so crappy at the moment.

I've seen a cool job going at one of the mobile phone companies, doing regulatory stuff, which I might be able to convince them that I'm qualified for. Not sure, but I think I'll apply, see how it goes. I'm sick of this place, that's for sure. Nothing but trouble.

Why aren't there any SGA promo pictures yet? I want a new desktop wallpaper, but there's nothing out there. Most annoying! I know everyone else is all doom and gloom about this season, but I'm really looking forward to it (AND I AM SPOILER FREE, well mostly, SO PLEASE DON'T TELL ME WHY IT'S GOING TO SUCK I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!) I've started rewatching season 3. I'd forgotten how good it was. Awesome stuff. Watched Sateda and Progeny last night. Fabulous :) I didn't rate Sateda much last time, but it was really cool. I must admit, I skipped Irresistible though - that one's still shite.

ETA: Oh yeah, I meant to say - my dad turned up at the weekend, first time in well over six months, I think. Nothing much to report, except that I (finally) got my birthday present (nice fat cheque - what I deserve for it being 5 months late, I think), and they also offered to help with my mortgage deposit when I need one, which may or may not happen in reality, but the offer was nice.
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Oh lord. The Maternal One just reminded me that tomorrow is A-Level results day. Cousin H is getting her results tomorrow. Oh *lord*. Three As and a place at her first choice Uni, anyone? Odds are 100:99.
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The Maternal One returns from Austria today. In fact her plane just landed about ten minutes ago. I was considering getting the train down to the station where my aunt is meeting her, but it takes over two hours to get there, and I'd have to come back tomorrow afternoon because of stupid work on Monday. Also, my Sim Grissom has just gone to college, and my Atlantis download is almost but not quite completed. *cough* I know, I know. I'm a horrible daughter.
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Hullo! Am in Nottingham. TMO, aunt C, cousin L and her boyfriend have gone off to see that show. I have remained at home to watch Shrek 2 and read LJ. Haha. I feel slightly bad about refusing to go, but I'm so tired, and I'd really rather just rest than have to sit through some stupid show. So yeah, I'm here :) It's all good. They use Firefox. I like it. Might have to switch over to it when I get home. Mmm. Shame I'm only here for the one night, I won't see [livejournal.com profile] odycee, despite us both being in the same city! Or [livejournal.com profile] katemonkey for that matter. Or anyone else up at this end of the world. Ah well. If you come along to Nottingham Castle tomorrow morning to see the Pre-Raphaelite art exhibition, we could have a clandestine "I'll be the one carrying a red rose" sort of meeting. Although not so much, because I know what you both look like, and we've met before. But it'd be more fun if we pretended it was clandestine. Haha!
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I'm heading home for the weekend pretty soon. I'll be back late on Sunday night, so I'll catch up with you all then :) Have good weekends, all.


Jun. 21st, 2005 01:27 pm
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On Friday, I ordered a CD for my cousin's birthday from Amazon, as well as a copy of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell to make up the cost so I wouldn't have to pay postage. It dispatched yesterday, and may well be sitting outside my door right now. On Saturday, I ordered the first two Dr Who DVDs from Amazon. They've just dispatched today. Yay :) I will be poor, but happy, which is the best way to godliness anyway, so I'm told, and is therefore clearly the way to go.


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