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A bloke I was at college with sent me this this morning, about this Tube Relief thing. Now personally I think people who spend their spare time riding around on the tube are a bit mad, but who am I to judge. Besides, it's for charity. This time.


'Not Afraid' Tube Relief 2005
As some of you are aware, I spend way too much time on the tube (I don't mean stuck in delays when commuting!) when trying to break the world record for visiting all 275 stations in the quickest possible time (also know as Tube Challenging).

Since 07/07 the Tube Challenge community have been planning a fund raising event to raise money for the London Bombings Relief Fund that was set and finally Tube Relief 2005 was born!

So what am I doing?
Well, it's not a world record attempt - but the aim is the same - to visit every tube station in a day. There are approximately 70 of us all starting at the same time, 0527 in Amersham, one weekday morning towards the end of August and we all hope to make it to Upminster by the close of service (0130) the following morning having visited every other station on our way.

This event has the support of Transport for London and The London Mayor - Ken Livingstone and may be used as part of a campaign to help get people back on the tube.

If you would like to sponsor [this event]
In order to make donating easier (and anonymous if desired), you can donate on-line via the Tube Relief website. All donations are secure and sent electronically to the London Bombings Relief Fund. If you are a UK taxpayer, you can still gift aid your donation on the page.


Something to think about.
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The same guy sat opposite my again on the way home tonight. There were plenty of free seats, so my theory is that he sat there deliberately because he recognised me and guessed that I probably wouldn't be all "omg terrorist!" for a second time. That or it's a coincidence. Or he luuuuuurves me.

Also, why do people think it's acceptable to make really personal comments about my eating habits? Why don't they just outright point and stare and loudly say "omg, what a *weirdo*! Eugh! Do you think it eats lettuce/bread/chocolate/etc.?" *fumes* FYI - I am not a museum exhibit!
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As I was sitting on the train from Aldershot to Ascot this morning, reading HBP and pondering many ponderful things, a chap sat down in one of the seats opposite mine. This in and of itself is not unusual. It's not a hugely busy route, but it gets its fair share of commuters, and sometimes the enormous bubble of personal space we Brits like to adopt has to be broken in to.

So yes, he sat down just across from me. Not normally a cause for any concern, or even much notice. Except - he was carrying a rucksack. A small one, but a rucksack none the less. He was carrying a rucksack, and looking slightly twitchy and nervous. At one point, he opened the rucksack a little, fiddled with something inside, and then closed it up again.

Did I mention that he looked like he might have been a Muslim? No. Well, there you go. I feel horrible, to be honest, for even having thought it. If it had been some ginger-haired white dude, would I have even noticed? Probably not.

He was probably a little nervous because he thought that the rest of us on the train all though he was a terrorist. Fcol.

This is the long-term impact of terrorist acts. Not the damage, not the death - the suspicion. Turning our society against itself, to try and make us destroy ourselves from within.

Terrorism sucks. And so do I.
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Jesus, not again.

ETA: May not actually be that serious. Thank goodness.


Jul. 14th, 2005 08:29 pm
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They're showing the vigil in Trafalgar Sqaure on News 24. Some of the speeches, interviews with some speakers, and they just showed footage of the two minute silence that was held at midday. We did it in the office too. It's all rather emotional. I know I get very caught up in these things, but there's something very special about seeing the country coming together in solidarity, from the Queen to the bus drivers of London, to share grief for those who died, pride in our emergency services and our transport workers, and determination not to allow this act of hate to divide us.

We're so busy at work right now. My boss finally realised that my *two* events are in *two days*, and I can't do the entire planning for both of them in that amount of time, so the entire office pulled together to start getting things done. That was nice. I feel a lot happier about things now that everyone's working on it, not just muggins here. However, it does mean that I'll have to work on Saturday, so no HP reading day for me. If anyone's in Berkshire and fancies doing a bit of stapling for some extra cash.. ;)
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We are not afraid.com

This was just on our local news. Rock on.
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I'm glad to report that [livejournal.com profile] apolla is okay. I happened to take a look at the list of missing LJ users and when I got to her name I suddenly realised that she was in London today for a job interview. But she's fine. I've spoken to her via text, and she was in London at the time, but nowhere near the bombings, thank god.

ETA: Take a look at the lists. You never know who you might know, and might be able to get in touch with. It's worth looking.
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Apparently they've shut down all the mobile phone masts in London, so if (like me) you are trying to get through to someone's mobile in the London area and can't, don't panic.


Jul. 7th, 2005 10:56 am
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Explosions rock London.

I'm not in town today, but I just thought I'd say that I'm all right, on the off chance that anyone was concerned. I hope all in London are okay.


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