Mar. 26th, 2008 08:13 pm
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Balls! The date of my driving test has been a closely guarded secret since I booked it, known only to me and my driving instructor. However, I've just realised that I am STUPID and have inadvertently revealed it to my mother by booking a bunch of house viewings at the time when my driving lesson usually is - I know, of course, that I won't be having one, because that particular day is just after my test date. She doesn't know that - or she didn't until now. BALLS!

I could probably reclaim the situation by casually dropping in to conversation that I rescheduled my lesson for that week because [insert plausible reason here], but man. MI5 made the right choice - I would never have cut it as a spy. Subterfuge is totally beyond my capabilities, on account of me being, as my icon says, dumb as a box of hair.


So, on a related but different note, a poll. I can't decide what kind of car to get, so I thought I'd ask the great LJ gods (i.e. you lot) for your thoughts.

This is a Ford KA, and this is the Ford Fiesta. Any thoughts, my flist?

[Poll #1161032]
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Hah. My mother and I have reached a peace over the car, because I was uber grown up and mature and sensible about it and stuff. Like totally! :D She may even have been won over by my pro-Fiesta arguments.

I win at life :)

In other news, I just rewatched this week's SGA episode - s4 ep17: Midway )

I also accidentally watched the trailer for next week. DOH!!! I won't say anything about it at all, because I'm going to try to forget I saw it. I wish I'd stopped myself, but once it started I just couldn't. DOH! Bad me.
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So I've spent the last two days looking at cars. By cars, I mean this car, which I want! But everyone around me is telling me not to. Tom at work thinks I ought to get an Aygo (because he just bought one, and is therefore biased). My mother thinks the Fiesta is "too sporty" and too expensive for a "first car". It's a Fiesta!! It is not too sporty! It's a Fiesta. They're like the elasticated trousers of the car world.

She wants me to get a "lower spec" one, i.e. no CD player, no aircon, no electric windows. I might as well put some wheels on a skip. I don't mind getting a used one, that's fine, but the Zetec range are on special offer, so it's barely any cheaper to get a used one right now, especially with the end of the financial year coming up and car salesman eager to hit their targets, unless I get a used one with 40 or 50 thousand miles on the clock.

I'm feeling a bit contrary about the whole thing. I sort of want to flounce off and buy it myself, but I do realise that it would be entirely counterproductive, and that they do have my best interests at heart.

But I want a shiny new car with Bluetooth! I never get anything I really want - why can't I have it just this one time?


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