Sep. 18th, 2007 01:54 pm
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I reeeeaaaaallllllllly want to go to Peg3.

Won't anyone come with me? *big eyes*
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Gosh, what a weekend. I'm utterly knackered! I'll write a proper post about it later, but now I must go and find something to eat. Mmmm, proper food.
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*yawn* Up to 2am ... well, all right, no. I fell asleep for half an hour, but in my defence [ profile] maryavatar and [ profile] odycee were talking about dead animals and .. well, you probably would've fallen asleep too, unless you're a biologist.

It's been quite nice so far. There are only 178 people here, so it's all really quiet and there are no queues! The stewards are as Nazi-ish as they were before, ordering us into tightly packed, silent queues for the photo sessions, even though they'd only sold 45 tickets and all 45 people were in the room with plenty of space to spare. The steward herself admitted that she was only doing it to seem like she had something to do. So that annoyed me a bit, but the photo sessions themselves were fine - we went through really quickly, as there were only 45 people there!

The guests all seem nice, and I've just about got my head around who they all are. I got photos with Felix and Helo. It's quite disappointing that CKR isn't here, but I suppose it doesn't matter that much really. Cee and I went in for Felix's talk (sorry, I can't spell his real name, or his character's surname! What a bad fan I am), which was nice, but apart from that we haven't heard any of the talks. I think they're going okay though. They've blocked off half the main hall, so everyone is really close to the stage and you can get a really good view wherever you're sitting. The photos are being done in the other side of the hall.

We're sitting around chatting now, and I think we're heading down for the auction soon, which should be amusing because there are so few people here! I've never been to such a small con. It's quite cool.

Haven't booked a ticket for Peg3 yet. I'm tempted, but I don't want to go on my own. Hmm.
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Off to Galactica 3. Back on Monday.
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We had another event yesterday about Complementary Medicine, at which one of the speakers was Simon Singh, scientist, pendant and author of international best-seller Fermat's Last Theorum.

Naturally, being something of an ex-maths geek, I was very excited by this, and saddened that I wasn't going to be able to meet the great man himself.

Fortunately my colleagues love and adore me (as they so rightly should), and mentioned my respectful admiration of his work to him. He's going to send me a signed copy of his book!! Eee!! :D

In other news, it appears that I am going to Wolf Galactica 3 in August, as [ profile] niannah is unfortunately no longer able to go. So I'm going to spend a weekend being Anna, which should be fun :)

I suppose I'd better get on and watch season 3 then.
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Anyone up for a trip to Vegas? :D


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