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Jul. 29th, 2007 06:38 pm
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We had a bit of a clear out this afternoon. This involved going through a load of old computer manuals and discs and throwing stuff away, and me taking my old computer to pieces, and salvaging any bits I could remove.

I also found a load of old stuff from when I was first on the Internet, back in 1997. 10 years! It feels like forever. There's all my old discs, software and files full of fanfic - really old SG1 stuff, X-Files things and Buffy. It's really weird. There's also an old book where I wrote down the minutage of my use - there was no broadband, of course, so it was all dial-up, but I was on pay per minute. Madness! :) It's full of old email addresses of people I used to know, webpages I used to visit, and IRC chat rooms! I can barely even remember how those work, but I do remember having an awesome time and having some really great friends.

I don't know if anyone uses IRC chat anymore, with so many instant chat programs around, but it was great fun. It's one of the things I really miss in my current Internet use.

Ah, nostalgia! :)
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I want to read some Lost fic, but I can't because everyone else in the universe is way ahead of me and I'm only on episode three. Woe.
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From [livejournal.com profile] jenoofer:

Sunday 7th August is Fanfiction Review Day!

I'm sure that anyone who's ever posted fanfiction to Livejournal will know just how great it feels to read comments from other users (and how depressing it can be if no one comments). I also know that I don't review other people's fanfiction half as much as I really ought to. So to make up for that, on Sunday I'm going to try and post a review for every piece of fanfiction I read on Livejournal (and I plan to read a lot). Why not do the same, and let other writers know their efforts are worth it?

Writers, why not take the opportunity to re-post a story you think slipped under people's radars the first time around?

Copy and paste to your own journal if you intend to take part.


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