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After this week's spectacular crappiness, I'm planning to go home tomorrow for a few days R&R. I booked Friday and Monday off work for whatever con it is this weekend, but in the end no one wanted to go, so I'm just going to head back to the mother island for a few days in the comfort of my childhood home. My mother is away, of course, on holiday in Crete, so there'll be no heating and no food. But I can turn on the heating and call in at Sainsburys, and all will be well. I will only have my mother's scary Vista PC though, so not much with the internet action. Hopefully I'll be able to dl tonight's CSI before I leave, and get tomorrow's BSG while I'm there.

I've lined up a couple of rental viewings, and one house, for Monday, but I'm not sure whether I'll actually go. It's a very long drive, and I'm really not sure I'm ready for that yet. I'm going to drive home tomorrow, but that's a drive I've done - as a passenger, anyway - a million times before, so I should be okay with that. Hopefully. But all the way over to the new area - it's quite a long way, and unfamiliar roads. So.. I'm not sure. I might cancel, or rather postpone until next week, as I'm off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, so I can fit plenty of viewings in then, god willing!

For all my nervousness, I love my car :) I've driven to and from work four times now, three of them in rush hour and most of them with at least one passenger, which is odd. Passengers want to talk! The only passengers I had before were my driving instructor, who talked about using my mirrors and things, and the test inspector, who talked about turning left at the roundabout. Now it's all chatter chatter and I'm trying to concentrate on not crashing into moving vehicles. Or stationary ones. Or stationary objects. And so forth. It's quite an adjustment. But my car is great. It's a bit less shiny, because it got snowed on twice, but it's very comfy and spacious. I'm rubbish at parking, but I think it's a skill that - in real life - will take time and practice to develop.
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Another year, another Christmas over with. I got a reasonable haul of presents - Due South season 3, Swan Lake (CD and DVD), House season 3 .. actually that's about it. I'm going to go on a spree to buy some stuff for myself in the sales though.

The best thing so far has been that the Hallmark channel is showing a House season 2 marathon. Awesome :) Every time I turn the TV on, there's House! :)

I'm starting to get mildly concerned (again) about my housing situation. Flatmate!Natalie is planning to start looking for a new job in January, and she's the sort of girl who'll get one very quickly. Which, obviously, good for her, but it leaves me homeless again. Woe! :( I hate being homeless. I can't afford a place on my own, and I can't bear the thought of going back into a shared house. Not really sure what to do about it, to be honest. I don't suppose anyone needs a housemate in the east Berkshire or north Hampshire/Surrey region?

The other good thing about Xmas is that my mother has finally succumbed to the wonder that is Life on Mars. We're watching the finale episode right now. Awesome :)


Mar. 31st, 2007 10:30 pm
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Maternal One and I are watching BSG. We're on our sixth episode now. Heh heh.

Happy Birthday me.


Jun. 27th, 2005 12:13 pm
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Home again. Well, not technically. Technically I am at work. But I have been home in between being at home and being here. All these homes, it must be very confusing for anyone who is not me.

I had a busy weekend, but I managed to: buy two shirts; buy three Doctor Who books; go to the concert (Benjamin Britton's War Requiem); do menial forced labour at the concert, some of my efforts at which were recognised, some which were not; watch the first six Doctor Who episodes; watch tennis; burn my wrist on the oven for the third time; bake a cake; bake biscuits; eat all the biscuits; sleep.

So, that was my weekend. I also testing out Charlotte - my laptop. She's still alive, but she really does need some maintenance, so when I get the chance I'm going to take her in and see if they can't fix her. My big old computer with all the music videos on it wasn't connected up, and I couldn't be bothered with all that, so I didn't try it. It was dead last time though, so my hopes are not high.

We've got a reception this afternoon - 4pm to 6pm - which will be .. well. It'll be. Both bosses have gone off to a meeting, so the office is nice and quiet. I am trying to think of what I need to do for my event, which is on Thursday omg! But my mind is blank. Hmm. Must think some more. And also eat. So hungry!

All is well though.
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I'm heading home for the weekend pretty soon. I'll be back late on Sunday night, so I'll catch up with you all then :) Have good weekends, all.


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