Feb. 11th, 2008 01:43 pm
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My driving instructor told me, on Thursday, that I ought to book my practical driving test. (There's currently a four-week wait for test dates, btw, although actually, if I were ready, I could get one tomorrow - omg!)

I knew this already, of course, as he first told me I ought to book my test about two weeks ago, but I couldn't until I'd passed my theory test. Having passed my theory test on Tuesday, I could actually have booked my practical test any time on Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday or Thursday, but instead I waited until Thursday PM when I had my next driving lesson. The excuse for this is that I wanted to check with my instructor when he would be able to do it.

Now I have been through dates with my instructor, and I know when I want my test to be. However, I have still not booked it, despite it having now been four days since my discussion with my instructor. Why ever not? I hear you cry. Because I am SCARED!!!


I just got the furthest I've got in the bookings processes - about to choose my date and time - when I freaked out and closed the window.

What if I fail?? I've never failed a test in my life! I don't know how to cope with that sort of thing?! AHRG!

In my head, I know it doesn't matter. My mother failed on her first test, my father took five attempts to pass. But the rest of me doesn't seem to be in tune with the brain, as it's busily freaking out!!

I will do it. I will. And I know now at least that I can get my date of choice. But .. man, it's really hard going. I wish I wasn't such a big wuss.

In other news, I have been reading some really awesome fic lately. I'll try to do a recs post tonight. AFTER I book my driving test!
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Joking aside, I think I may have broken a toe. Do I need to go to A&E, or to a GP? Or perhaps it'll just sort itself out, like when I sprained/fractured/broke my ankle a few years ago.

It's all a bit of a mystery. I'll probably do nothing and hope it goes away.
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Yeah, Titanic still makes me cry.
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Just watched it again. Just cried again. Am a big girly girl's blouse. Oh well. And now, Doctor Who Confidential again. Mm :)


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