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Dec. 30th, 2007 09:11 pm
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Did anyone else see the JK Rowling "A year in the life" thing on ITV tonight? It wasn't really anything remarkable. Jo seems like a normal sort of woman. I could've done with more actual following her around to press junkets and events and things, and less telling us things we already know, but it was mostly interesting.

The bit I'm most interested in is the family tree she drew out for the Weasleys, including Harry and Ginny, and Luna and husband. And her pondering over whether Charlie was gay. That amused me too. I wondered if anyone had a). taped it, and b). written out the tree she gave. I do love HP family trees :)
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I feel a compulsion - one which I will not give in to, mind - to write (or read, if one's already been done) a HP college AU, where they're all music and/or drama students at college. Dumbledore's the headmaster, McGonagall is the composition teacher, Remus takes brass and jazz band and they all adore him, Snape teaches strings, and Sirius wears a leather jacket and tells the kids about how he toured with Led Zeppelin. Lavender is a highly strung drama prima donna, Hermione already has grade 8 in at least four instruments (classical guitar, flute, piano, cello) but she doesn't sing in public, Harry plays the guitar and he's learning the saxophone, but he's not devoted to the music and does other A level subjects too (biology maybe?), and Ron tries really hard, but is constantly in the shadow of his older brothers, and indeed his younger sister who is in the year below and is a Drama Student (omg!! wtf!!), and his best mate from primary school, so he writes lots of angsty, angry, teen-grunge-indie songs about how no one understands him, but he doesn't play them to anyone ever. Oh, and Neville. Neville who plays the tuba. And maybe the trumpet too.

Mmm AUs :)

This one, of course, is purely inspired by the fact that I spent tonight at a local college, who were doing a music concert. I was lured there under the utterly false pretense that the Boychild (my cousin) was going to be performing with his future-classmates (it's the college he's going to next year). Instead he played one drum for one part of one song, and the rest was current first and second years at the school. I was Not Happy. Okay, some of the music was all right, but if I'd know he wasn't even going to play, I could've come home four hours earlier. And saved myself a few quid train fare too. Pah.

It did make me want to write the above fic though (I won't, I don't feel comfortable enough in the HPverse to ever write there), and it also made me appreciate that while college was okay at the time, I wouldn't go back to all that for a million pounds.
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I, too, am a sheep.

What Hogwarts House do you think I should be in?

[Poll #522152]

My event draws ever nearer. Eep! Am v scared. It'll all come together though. I might have to sleep at the office tomorrow night, but it will all come together! *g*


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