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Ways to tell that Fandom has overtaken Reality in your hierarchy of life, no.147:

You come across this website, for Co-Dependents Anonymous, and immediately think of its "humorous fanfic" potential.

For serious, though. I don't like to mock people with medical conditions, especially psychological ones, but ... Co-Dependents Anonymous? Really?


Aug. 17th, 2007 07:16 pm
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Fan protest saves US show Jericho

Post-apocalypse TV drama Jericho has been saved from cancellation following an internet campaign by its fans.

US TV network CBS axed the show last month, triggering a protest that culminated in shipments of nuts being sent to the broadcaster.

"Wow!" said CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler in a letter to the fans. "You got our attention."

Tassler said seven new episodes of the drama had been ordered, with more to follow if ratings improve.

I've never seen it, but it's still pretty cool :)


Jul. 29th, 2007 02:19 pm
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So, if, while at the BSG con in August, I were to book a ticket for Peg3, would anyone come with me?

Also, Connotations anyone?

I feel the need to commune with the fandom. I think it's because I'm not at ComicCon and it sounds like fun.

I'm also going to get around to writing that fic rec post soon. I promise. No, really.
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I just saw this on [livejournal.com profile] akire_yta's journal and I think it's kind of cool. It's a community called Fandom Counts, which is basically just a head count of how many LJs are actually fandom related.

There are over 2500 people signed up so far, but there's a heck of a lot more of us than that. Go. Join.
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"I don't think my ship is better than yours. I don't think my ship is worse than yours. I just have a preference for that particular porn ship flavour. If you agree, repost this in your journal."

I just spotted this on my flist and, while I understand and respect the sentiment, I don't agree.

I do think my ship is better than yours. Otherwise I wouldn't ship it. I respect your right to have a different opinion, and I respect your right to ship whomever you please. I respect your right to write whatever flavour of porn butters your muffin, and I respect your right to squee wildly when your ship of choice appears on screen.

As it happens, I ship different characters to you, and therefore I clearly disagree with your feeling that the characters you ship are MFEO. I think the characters I ship are MFEO - that's why they're my OTP. But that's cool, you know? My opinions are just that - my opinions - and you're just as entitled to disagree with me as I am to disagree with you.

In the end, the opinions that are going to shape the show are those of the show's creators, producers and writers. We fans have very little input into the creative life of the show, whatever we might like to think. To borrow from the fandom that spawned the above, my Tenth Doctor/Rose fanfic o' luv is not going to persuade Russell T Davies to abandon his plans for a Tenth Doctor/Martha snogfest in episode eight of season 3, and your Tenth Doctor/Martha porno fest is not going to convince Uncle Rusty not to bring Rose back for a tragedy-tinged reunion of epic proportions in season 4.

It's our own self-importance that causes these fanwars, and our own insecurity over how our pairings are portrayed. It's not that we think we're better, it's that we think we're worse and we're scared that someone might hear us and realise it.

No one's listening.

Get over yourselves.
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Man, I really miss Stargate fandom some days. Mm yeah. *g*

(Some of these are friends only posts, btw. Sorry.)


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