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Happy Pi Day :)
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We had another event yesterday about Complementary Medicine, at which one of the speakers was Simon Singh, scientist, pendant and author of international best-seller Fermat's Last Theorum.

Naturally, being something of an ex-maths geek, I was very excited by this, and saddened that I wasn't going to be able to meet the great man himself.

Fortunately my colleagues love and adore me (as they so rightly should), and mentioned my respectful admiration of his work to him. He's going to send me a signed copy of his book!! Eee!! :D

In other news, it appears that I am going to Wolf Galactica 3 in August, as [livejournal.com profile] niannah is unfortunately no longer able to go. So I'm going to spend a weekend being Anna, which should be fun :)

I suppose I'd better get on and watch season 3 then.


Mar. 19th, 2007 02:35 pm
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248-dimension maths puzzle solved

An international team of mathematicians has detailed a vast complex numerical "structure" which was invented more than a century ago.

Mapping the 248-dimensional structure, called E8, took four years of work and produced more data than the Human Genome Project, researchers said.

E8 is a member of the "Lie group" that describe symmetrical objects.

The team said their findings may assist fields of physics which use more than four dimensions, such as string theory.
[continued at BBC News website]

I totally don't understand this, at all!, but it seems like it's probably something v v cool. If you like that sort of thing. Which I do. I don't understand it, but I can still like it.


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