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My god, I hate him. I hate him so! It's like Jonas all over again. Why can TPTB never get it right? I mean, I don't expect CSI Miami to get it right, after they so royally screwed Speed over in the first place, but this ... this is just ... God!


Aug. 9th, 2005 10:23 am
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Because there are three (three!!) programmes on tonight at 9am that I want to watch, I'm just perusing the Radio Times website to try and decide which to go for. I came across this though, in the description of tonight's CSI: Miami ep: In trying to comfort the kid, David Caruso comes over as even more creepy than usual. *snicker* I'm glad it's not just me that thinks that. Hehe.

But - dilemma! I can miss the documentary on that centre in America where they "save" gay people through the POWER of JESUS! etc. Because that'll be reshown on BBC4 at least five hundred times.

But. CSI: Miami, season 3, ep 1. Or. Without a Trace, season 3, ep 1.

Do I want to see New Guy, or do I want to see Sam and Martin .. well, you know. God, what a choice. Is Miami good enough to carry itself, what with Speed being off in FBI witness protection and all (shut up, yes he is!), or is Without a Trace strong enough to carry itself despite the violently unattractive het?

Or, do I watch Miami, then watch WaT on E4+1 and miss CSI:NY? Oh GOD!! TOO MANY OPTIONS!!

Wait. Wait .. Without a Trace is repeated next Monday! Problem solved. Thank god.

ETA: Oh, lord Jesus! Next week - 10pm, new series of Six Feet Under. Guess what day. That's right - Tuesday! Wtf is wrong with these people? Do they *want* to kill me through stress ulcers?!
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I knew it was coming, but I didn't realise this episode was the final of season 2 of CSI Miami. )


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