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I can't quite believe I'm going to say this about an episode that was written by Mallozzi and Mullie, who I generally consider to be idiots of the highest order, but .. that was really good. I loved it. To be honest, I could've done without the start and end scenes - there was no need to lever Rodney into the episode. But the stuff with the girl SG team - I wish they had a proper name, because in my head I'm calling them SG Lesbian, and that's awful. But Alison and Dusty were clearly together, for all Carson's desperate and slightly unnerving panting after the poor girl.

But how lovely it was to see Nicole de Boer again! I know she wasn't terribly popular on DS9, when she replaced Terry Farrell as Dax, but I liked her even then, and I thought she was terribly cute in this. Christina Cox was great too, as she always is, and the woman who played Dusty (who IMDB informs me is called Janina Gavankar) was good too. It was a shame that Cpt Vega had to die, because that SG team were kind of awesome. If they had their own show, I'd probably watch it.

Incidentally, Cpt Vega was in a previous episode, Search and Rescue, the first of season 5. So I would guess this SG team is very newly formed. Which would also explain why John didn't know they were a team of women - I mean, I know he can be a bit dense at times, but that's rather taking the mick.

But back to the topic is question - Cpt Vega was played by Leela Savasta, who also played Dr Esposito - she of the lovely ... smile. Secret twin sister, or have I just been watching too much Hollyoaks recently ;)

So yes, I liked the women-only SG team. And I liked the story. Okay, so there wasn't much plot to speak of. I think they did this sort of plot ("everyone running around that forest in Vancouver being chased by some sort of scary beast") better in season 3, with Phantoms, because that had some actual depth, but as far as running around being chased by unknown beasties went, I enjoyed this. The monsters were pretty scary, but there was a bit of sympathy because when you actually got up close to them, you realised they were just villagers who'd had the misfortune to get kidnapped and molested by Michael.

Mostly I think it worked because I liked the women. If I hadn't invested in wanting them to stay alive (so that people can write Dusty/Ally fic - you know you want to), I probably wouldn't have been that interested. I know Carson's fate didn't captivate me at all, and John's clearly not going to die. I liked the way Major Teldy (Christina Cox) asked John and Carson where they were, and John sort of sighed and said, "Down the well", like it was tragically cliche - which it was! But it didn't matter (to me, anyway), because my emotional investment was all with the girls.

So yes, I really liked it. Except, as I said, the opening and ending scenes. The first I suppose I could live with. It explained (sort of) why Carson was suddenly there, and set up why he and John went off with the women to explore Michael's lab. But the end scene just set my teeth on edge. Maybe it was the newly born Dusty/Ally shipper in me (LOL!), but I just hated the way Carson sort of declared that he wanted Alison as a minion to do his bidding (eugh, I just went to a bad, bad, bad place and now I feel sick), and John was like, "yep, sure, I can do that. One indentured sex slave lab assistant coming up!", like Alison gets absolutely no choice in the matter. And neither, one assumes, does her boss - either Rodney or Keller, depending on what kind of doctor she is. I would guess she's medical, given that Rodney didn't know who she was, but .. well, that doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't work with him. So yeah, that just really irritated me. I feel sort of morally obliged to write the fic myself where Alison gets a memo from Woolsey: "Congratulations STOP You're being transferred back to Earth to wash Dr Beckett's test tubes and bring him coffee STOP No more off-world adventures for you, young lady STOP A man likes you now, so it's back to Earth for you, to have babies and make pie END" and kicks up a shit fit over it.

Right. Enough of that. I'd better go and get dressed, really, as we're supposed to be going shopping today and it's almost after 12noon. Oops :)
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