Mar. 14th, 2008 10:05 pm
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Okay, so, I have a confession to make. My Best Friend's Wedding is one of my all-time favourite films ever. It's the "feel good" film that I put on when I'm feeling down. With this in mind, I've long harboured a secret desire to write an SGA AU based on the premise of the film - character A and character B are best friends who were once involved, but decided they were better off as friends. Then suddenly character A finds out that character B is getting married and A freaks out - A wants B for themselves, gosh darnit! A was there first! So A dashes off to [city] with the intention of stopping the wedding. As the story continues, A has a lot of hilarious misadventures trying to split our devoted couple up, and along the way realises that they do actually love B. I won't spoil the end on the off chance that anyone would care, but it's just a totally cute film.

So, today one of my favourite, long-quiet communities - [ profile] sga_reel - posted a romcom challenge, and what was there on the list, at number 41? Yes, that's right, My Best Friend's Wedding.

I'm quite tempted. I keep refreshing the page to see if anyone's claimed it. ;) That said, I haven't written a single fictional word in over three years, and the deadline is in 8 weeks - within that 8 weeks I have a few other little things going on, like possibly buying a house, certainly moving out, passing my driving test (I hope!), and buying a car. So am I really going to be able to hit the deadline? Also - important factor to consider - I'm incredibly lazy.

But it would work really well. I'm planning it out in my head already. Ahrg!

ETA: Oh yeah, I also had my "away day" with my new work on Thursday. It went really well. Everyone seems very nice. I've got an awful lot to learn, not least NHS jargon, but I'm really looking forward to starting there. I was in a foul mood all day and terribly short-tempered with colleagues when I was back in work today, partly because of PMS but partly because I just want to get out of there and start my new job now.

Also I'm going to look at some houses tomorrow. Not as many as I'd like, but a start.
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Happy Pi Day :)
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Flatmate is in the living room doing yoga to a strange blended fusion piece of blues-slash-ethnic music, so there's a guy moaning about how his woman ran off with his pick up, or some such, and then a sitar solo.

Up side - amusement value.

Down side - no Torchwood. Woe! I'll have to iPlayer it, I guess. ETA: Hey, it's already up from last week! Awesome. I <3 Auntie Beeb!
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Rift ticket booked.

You are all a bad influence!
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Come on, who broke LJ? I haven't had a single post on my flist in over 4 hours - unheard of!
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Ways to tell that Fandom has overtaken Reality in your hierarchy of life, no.147:

You come across this website, for Co-Dependents Anonymous, and immediately think of its "humorous fanfic" potential.

For serious, though. I don't like to mock people with medical conditions, especially psychological ones, but ... Co-Dependents Anonymous? Really?
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I wonder if my work colleagues are ever going to realise that when they ask me to make a decision on something, while appearing to be listening to them, my eyes have actually glazed over, my mind is elsewhere, and when they finish speaking I universally nod and say, "yes, you're right. That sounds fine," with little or no idea what they've actually said.
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Hah. My mother and I have reached a peace over the car, because I was uber grown up and mature and sensible about it and stuff. Like totally! :D She may even have been won over by my pro-Fiesta arguments.

I win at life :)

In other news, I just rewatched this week's SGA episode - s4 ep17: Midway )

I also accidentally watched the trailer for next week. DOH!!! I won't say anything about it at all, because I'm going to try to forget I saw it. I wish I'd stopped myself, but once it started I just couldn't. DOH! Bad me.
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OMG! That has to be a fake-out, right? RIGHT???
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Hey, two new episodes of Torchwood tonight? Auntie Beeb, you're really spoiling us!
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So I've spent the last two days looking at cars. By cars, I mean this car, which I want! But everyone around me is telling me not to. Tom at work thinks I ought to get an Aygo (because he just bought one, and is therefore biased). My mother thinks the Fiesta is "too sporty" and too expensive for a "first car". It's a Fiesta!! It is not too sporty! It's a Fiesta. They're like the elasticated trousers of the car world.

She wants me to get a "lower spec" one, i.e. no CD player, no aircon, no electric windows. I might as well put some wheels on a skip. I don't mind getting a used one, that's fine, but the Zetec range are on special offer, so it's barely any cheaper to get a used one right now, especially with the end of the financial year coming up and car salesman eager to hit their targets, unless I get a used one with 40 or 50 thousand miles on the clock.

I'm feeling a bit contrary about the whole thing. I sort of want to flounce off and buy it myself, but I do realise that it would be entirely counterproductive, and that they do have my best interests at heart.

But I want a shiny new car with Bluetooth! I never get anything I really want - why can't I have it just this one time?
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Right, I promised a fic recs post, so here one is. To be honest, I've mostly been re-reading Sith Academy, because it makes me so indescribably happy. I first read Sith Academy while I was writing (or not, in fact, on account of reading SA instead) my undergrad dissertation. [ profile] akire_yta expressed her shock that I didn't know what a Hamster Death Gulp was, and pointed me in the right direction to remedy my ignorance. The rest, as they say, is history. I admit, there are two stories in there which I skip, because I don't count them as canon, on account of them being ... not as high quality as the rest, shall we say? But the rest, I have read at least three times now, and it still makes me dizzy with joy :)

The only downside is that I'm nearing the end now (30 fics to go), which makes me sad, because my god there's nothing else like Sith Academy. But it's sort of like [ profile] nocturne_alley - it's a beautiful fandom experience, and whenever I think about it I just remember how amazing the first time was. Only with SA I can reread it, unlike NA. Oh, NA. I loved NA. God, I loved NA.

But that's not actually what I'm here for. The recs I want to make are the things I've been reading besides SA. All SGA, I'm afraid, and all McShep. I'm nothing if not loyal to my OTPs.

I am up to date on all episodes that have aired so far, but am NOT spoiled for ANY future events or ANY future developments (including season 5 spoilers - I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW).

So these may have some s4 spoilers, but won't go beyond what's aired. I've tried to mark the ones I remember as having spoilers, but I'm a bit rubbish so I may have missed some. If you're in any doubt, and are hardcore at spoiler avoiding, like me, and you're pre season 4, you're probably best steering clear of this whole post, just in case.

SGA recs here - behind a cut because they're longer than I expected )

So there we go. I promised recs, and recs I delivered :) These are all bookmarked on my account too, if anyone ever wants to track what I'm reading. I only bookmark things I love, so it's a good bet, if something's there, I'd probably rec it if I were writing a rec post. Given that I'm too lazy to write regular posts, it may just be easier to follow the bookmarking. Although I do sometimes also bookmark cake recipes and stuff ;)

Speaking of cake, I made a lemon chocolate cake this weekend, because I had some eggs left over from Shrove Tuesday. I set out to make a lemon cake because I also had lemon juice left over from Shrove Tuesday, but it became a chocolate cake because, well, I like chocolate. It doesn't actually taste of lemon at all, nor does the "lemon" icing, but my goodness it tastes nice. It's v moist. Not sure whether that's the subtle influence of the lemon juice. I may have to investigate this further by a). making more cakes, and b). eating a piece now. Mmm cake.


Feb. 11th, 2008 01:43 pm
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My driving instructor told me, on Thursday, that I ought to book my practical driving test. (There's currently a four-week wait for test dates, btw, although actually, if I were ready, I could get one tomorrow - omg!)

I knew this already, of course, as he first told me I ought to book my test about two weeks ago, but I couldn't until I'd passed my theory test. Having passed my theory test on Tuesday, I could actually have booked my practical test any time on Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday or Thursday, but instead I waited until Thursday PM when I had my next driving lesson. The excuse for this is that I wanted to check with my instructor when he would be able to do it.

Now I have been through dates with my instructor, and I know when I want my test to be. However, I have still not booked it, despite it having now been four days since my discussion with my instructor. Why ever not? I hear you cry. Because I am SCARED!!!


I just got the furthest I've got in the bookings processes - about to choose my date and time - when I freaked out and closed the window.

What if I fail?? I've never failed a test in my life! I don't know how to cope with that sort of thing?! AHRG!

In my head, I know it doesn't matter. My mother failed on her first test, my father took five attempts to pass. But the rest of me doesn't seem to be in tune with the brain, as it's busily freaking out!!

I will do it. I will. And I know now at least that I can get my date of choice. But .. man, it's really hard going. I wish I wasn't such a big wuss.

In other news, I have been reading some really awesome fic lately. I'll try to do a recs post tonight. AFTER I book my driving test!
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Congratulations me - I have just passed my driving theory test :D
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Three-parent embryo formed in lab

Scientists believe they have made a breakthrough in IVF treatment by creating a human embryo with three separate parents.

The Newcastle University team believe the technique could help to eradicate a whole class of hereditary diseases, including some forms of epilepsy.

The embryos have been created using DNA from a man and two women in lab tests.

This is really quite amazing. Scary, but amazing.


Feb. 2nd, 2008 12:34 pm
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Two things are making me happy right now.

1). Driving. I don't know why I always get so scared about my driving lessons. I mean, yes, it's a scary business. I could kill someone with that thing. Or, you know, a bus full of nuns and orphans or whatever. But I won't, because I'm actually okay at this driving business. Not great, not amazing, not ready to take my test yet. But I'm getting there, and I'm on track, so I should stop worrying and learn to love the car :)

2). Atlantis. Atlantis makes me SO HAPPY :D :D :D
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Another driving lesson tomorrow. I'll be really glad when these stupid lessons are over. I'm so bored of learning to drive. I wish it would just end.

We had two events this week at work, one of whcih I went to. There was a great deal of stress on Wednesday over dull work things that I won't go in to, but it's all resolved now. I had quite a row with a coworker but we talked it out today - via email, of course, because I am both socially retarded and, apparently, scary - and we're okay now. Ish. I also got him to apologise, which is no small thing.

The event I went to was on video on demand, and we had some people there from the file-sharing site UKNova, which you may or may not know. I didn't actually hear any of the event though, as I was sitting outside the whole time eating biscuits and reading my email. V boring.

I applied for a job at Defra a few weeks ago - I can't remember if I mentioned it. It was just this really exciting thing that I wanted. So of course I didn't even get an interview. I don't know why I bother really.

I'm pretty depressed actually. Again. I'm going to go and .. I don't know. Go to bed or something. Whatever.
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I'm so wildly jealous of the people going to Peg3 this weekend, I might cry.

I haven't been to a con since the BSG one, and that was AGES ago! :'(

I don't like being constantly in the company of normal people. It makes me feel horribly inadequate. Oh, my geeky TV-loving sci-fi freak friends! Why am I not with you this weekend? Why!!
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I'm sure it won't come as a surprise to anyone here that I am not really "down with the kids" in terms of things that are trendy or fashionable. My cousin's 21st birthday is coming up in mid March, and, considering that: a). it's her 21st, b). there was a point when we weren't sure she'd live to see it, and c). she's really spoilt anyway, she's asked us to get her some Tiffany jewellery.

Maybe it's because of my aforementioned lack of downness re: the kids, but to me this just looks like something a chav would get from Argos for his girlfriend for their 1 week anniversary. It's not even proper silver, it's sterling silver, but because it's made by Tiffany (via Elizabeth Duke) it costs £220! Here is an Argos one that looks, to me at least, pretty much that same, but costs £30.

Here's another thing she wants: a charm to go on the bracklet. It's .. it's a little sterling silver cube padlock. That costs £90! Seriously.

Am I just being old and curmudgeonly? Am I not properly appreciating the value of the craftsmanship of the small slave-labour children working in the Tiffany factories in south-east Asia?

I just don't understand it.
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Heath Ledger is dead!

Hollywood actor Heath Ledger has been found dead at a downtown Manhattan residence, a New York Police Department spokesman has said.

"He was found unconscious at the apartment and pronounced dead," a police spokeswoman said. It is not yet clear how the 28-year-old Australian actor, who earned an Oscar nomination as a gay cowboy in 2005 film Brokeback Mountain, died. Police said they did not suspect foul play in the death of the Perth-born actor.


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