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Take heed, my friends, and be warned - Gaming really can kill you.

Note to self: cut down on Sims time.

ETA: Ahahahaha! How ironic! Also, I've been telling TMO for ages that she should use The Sims to teach her kids how to do that thing where they plan a classroom or whatever using software, and do birdseye drawings and side-on drawings and all that nonsense. Turns out I was right! ;)
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Spent all weekend, all weekend, play The Sims. I've discovered (finally - only bought the blasted thing 6 months ago..) the fabulous fun that can be had playing the University part of the University expansion. It's brilliant. Heh. That or I'm easily amused, you decide. (I know which one I think it is). I spent almost all weekend getting Grissom and Catherine off to college, and then nudging Bill and Fleur together. It's harder than it looks, mostly because Bill, like all the Weasley boys, is gay as a stick. It's a bit odd really. There's clearly something in the water in that household - 6 boys, and they're all gay. The ladies of my HPverse are all going to be terribly disappointed. I suppose it's art reflecting life that they, like I, will all die old, alone, and smelling of cats.
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The Maternal One returns from Austria today. In fact her plane just landed about ten minutes ago. I was considering getting the train down to the station where my aunt is meeting her, but it takes over two hours to get there, and I'd have to come back tomorrow afternoon because of stupid work on Monday. Also, my Sim Grissom has just gone to college, and my Atlantis download is almost but not quite completed. *cough* I know, I know. I'm a horrible daughter.


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