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I went to look at more houses on Saturday. I saw about 7, but I didn't like any of them. I've decided that, given that I'm starting my new job in 4 weeks, my priority has to be finding somewhere to live in the short-term, rather than worrying about the long-term plan to buy somewhere. So I'm going to find somewhere to rent for six months, and I'll start looking to buy again once I'm settled and not homeless. Having been (technically) homeless for a few weeks last year, it's a situation I'm very keen never to be in again. I was lucky last time, and could stay with a friend from work during the week, returning to my mother's at weekend. I won't be able to do that with the new job, as I don't know anyone, so I have to have somewhere to live.

It's an expensive business, renting a flat, especially on your own. But I've got no choice. Well, no, I could go into a shared house, but I hate sharing with strangers, especially when you're a lodger, in an essentially weak position, living in a house which isn't yours. I hate that, and I won't do it again.

So for the next few weeks, my focus will all be on the move. I'm going to have to clean this flat too, and get rid of anything I'm not taking, sort out and pack what I am taking, take the bed and wardrobe apart etc. It's all very tiresome.

I haven't driven my car again since I brought it back from the showroom. I was going to go out today, but then it snowed (!!), and I don't think I'm quite up to driving in snow and ice. It's all pretty much melted now, but our car park is filling up already. It doesn't have enough spaces for the cars that live here, and so is always packed with cars parked in random, inconvenient places and therefore really difficult to navigate. I don't think I'm quite up to adventurous parking yet either, so it's probably best to just stay in today and go for a drive tomorrow while everyone's at work and the car park's empty!

I sorted out my car insurance today - that was a new experience. They were very nice though. I also went to Tesco and bought a squeegee to wipe the snow off the car! Apart from that, though, it's been a slow, boring day. I feel like I've got a hundred things to do, but I can't remember what any of them are. Well, except one - I'm meant to be writing a fic for a challenge, but I seem to have forgotten, when I signed up, that I haven't actually written anything for over three years, and the reason for that is I just don't feel like writing any more. Why I thought this particular challenge would change anything is anyone's guess, but it hasn't changed anything. I don't want to drop out, but .. I just don't feel like writing at the moment.

Flatmate!N is working her way through Buffy at the moment - she's just into season 5. She's trying to power through to the end before I leave, as they're my DVDs. I've thought about watching s6 again - skipping past the dull bits with Spike and Buffy, obviously - to see if I can remember the old Trio love, but then I just remember how terrible it all was and how much better our stuff was than the canon stuff, and it puts me right off.

Ah well. For now I'm just going to watch the Women's European Gymnastics Championships.

I also caught up on some TV this morning. I watched the new: CSI, BSG, and Doctor Who.

It's been a while since new CSI, so anything probably would've been appreciated, but no, I quite enjoyed it. It was fairly obvious that the wife was up to no good, although her father being the killer was a bit of a surprise. I'm still not sure exactly why he did it though.

I don't quite know, either, why Nick, Grissom and Greg all had cold/flu/manflu. I mean, I can sort of understand it with Grissom - it gave us an excuse to see him at home, it gave him the reason for being dragged reluctantly into the case by the DDA woman whose name I never quite caught. But why was Nick ill? And why Greg? It didn't make a lot of sense to me, unless it was to cover something up like the actors not being available on the short notice they must've had after the strike was called off, so they had to make up a reason for them not being in more scenes? But they weren't in any fewer scenes than normal - in fact it was Catherine who was around the least, I think. So .. weird.

I like the scenes with Greg and Nick though. Not the content particularly - just the fact that there were some. After a three year drought, it's nice to see they're continuing to actually let them be in the same room together every now and then.

Grissom and DDA woman were good too, although his answering the phone call from Sara at the end, and looking so happy to speak to her, was cute too. I never thought I'd say that about Sara/Grissom, which I used to hate, but I came to terms with it and now we're good. Possibly because it means Sara is away from Greg... *cough* ;)

The gang stuff was okay, but I'm not sure they really did quite enough to show that the gang members were really bad and/or dangerous. I wasn't feeling it. But then I'm tragically middle-class, white, and British. Gangs of any kind are a bit beyond me.

So yes. Overall, good stuff. Channel 5 is only about a week behind the US now, thanks to the strike, so I may not dl next week and just watch it on TV. How novel, eh? :)

I was very excited when the recap was running, and there were things about it I loved. I love Kara - look, she's my favourite character. She can pretty much do no wrong. When I grow up, I want to be Kara Thrace. So I loved each and every scene she was in. However, it was pretty slow, the battle scenes were okay, especially when Sam was freaking out over being a cylon, but I could've done with less battle, more character stuff. The stuff with Baltar I just don't get. With the religious stuff, particularly, the message seems to be that the cylons are right, there is one true God, and the humans are wrong. So ... am I meant to side with the cylons? They do seem to be right. Or at least Baltar's mental version of Six seems to be right.

I suppose the advantage of this being the final season is that at least we should get some answers now.

I also wish Kara would just get over it and start sleeping with Sam and Lee. Because seriously - wouldn't you?

The final cylon model? Who knows. I was pretty surprised by the four who were revealed at the end of last season, so I'd guess the fifth is going to knock our socks off. But .. who knows.

Overall, yes. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.

Well, yes, look. I'll admit it. When I first heard that Catherine Tate was doing last year's Xmas special, I was suitably horrified, because I sort of hate her work. However, I really liked her in the special, and I really liked her in this ep. I like her enthusiasm and her self-sufficiency, and I feel for her in her relationship with her mother ;) She wanted something and she made it happen, and that's great.

I'm sorry, but I never really liked Martha that much, and I don't miss her at all. I could happily live with never seeing Martha again.

Seeing Rose however! My god! That was a surprise!! I knew, as soon as I saw that blonde hair. I'd seen the spoiler pics from when it was filmed, so I recognised the scene, but I had no idea it was going to be first episode, so that was pretty awesome. I squeed like a crazy woman! :)

The story was mediocre, as they so often are, but the execution was pretty good. The silent conversation was absolutely classic, I loved that. I wish Donna could've done more to be useful while the Doctor was faffing around playing "my sonic screwdriver can manipulate this big hunk of technology better than your sonic pen" with Sarah Lancashire.

There were a few little references, I think, to things that have happened or been said in previous episodes - like the sonic pen, and the Doctor's previous comment about "who sees a pen and thinks, 'ooh, this could be more sonic'." I didn't notice that one at the time, but someone else pointed it out. I'm not sure whether it was just a nice touch or if it means something. There was also something in the preview, where the Doctor says something about "volcano day", which is a Jack reference from season 1. Hmm.

Anyway, for the most part, it was certainly satisfactory. I hope next week's episode is good too, as the second episode is, in my experience, the one where you can tell how good (or otherwise) a season is going to be.

So that's what I've been up to today.

There's some more work stuff that's been going on, which culminates in me getting "talked to" on Tuesday when I go back in about my subversive efforts to turn the staff against the management and convince them all to quit (*rolls eyes*), but it's all quite dull so I won't go in to it. Suffice to say I'm quite glad I'm off on Monday. Once of my replacements (there are now three, I think) has been appointed and is starting on Monday - it'll be interesting to hear how that goes, since I won't be there.

Oh work.

Being a grown up is really hard :( I want to go back to Uni for a few years. Only being paid my current salary. Could that be arranged?
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