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Work is totally yawnsome today. I'm just sitting here daydreaming about my new car. I'm going to go and pick it up on Friday morning. It's at the garage now, having whatever it is they do to new cars done to it. I could've gone to pick it up earlier, I think, but I'm off work on Friday so that seemed sensible. Eee car!! :)

It was my birthday yesterday. My work colleagues forgot, although they deny it, but they bought me a little map, a car cleaning kit and a bucket, and some furry dice. Hehe :) Most amusing. My mother was horrified at the thought of the furry dice. She's so middle class.

I need to sort out some insurance now. I have 7 days free from Ford when I pick up the car. Fortunately my ever generous (har har har) father has offered to pay for my insurance, it's a new car so it comes with AA cover for a year, and .. well, my mother paid for it. I've got to sort out a few other things, and actually getting the insurance money from my dad will be like getting blood from a stone, but it's hopefully all going to work out.

So now I just need to sort out somewhere to live from May, and everything will be done! :)

My ticket number for The Rift arrived last night. I'm up in the 190s. No idea what that means, except that I won't have to sit too near the front (thank god). I'm sort of planning to skip out on the "James Marsters sings his greatest hits!" concert at the end and just come home. What does everyone else have planned?

Apart from the bucket, my birthday was fairly dull. I got a couple of cheques from family members, and my aunt and cousin have paid for my ticket to go and see Matthew Bourne's production of The Nutcracker, which we're seeing this Saturday evening. My mother, of course, bought me my car (<3), and - in a stunning repeat of last year - my father has so far sent a card and nothing more. Flatmate!N is making me something in her jewellery class, which is very sweet of her. I'll get that on Thursday, apparently.

We gave our notice to quit to the landlord a week or two ago, so now the agents are showing people around our flat. We haven't actually had any (that we know of) since Friday, though, so perhaps it's been rented now. Fingers crossed! The fewer viewings we have to deal with, the better. The agents are totally useless.

Right. Back to work. It's nearly lunchtime, after all.
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