Mar. 14th, 2008

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Happy Pi Day :)


Mar. 14th, 2008 10:05 pm
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Okay, so, I have a confession to make. My Best Friend's Wedding is one of my all-time favourite films ever. It's the "feel good" film that I put on when I'm feeling down. With this in mind, I've long harboured a secret desire to write an SGA AU based on the premise of the film - character A and character B are best friends who were once involved, but decided they were better off as friends. Then suddenly character A finds out that character B is getting married and A freaks out - A wants B for themselves, gosh darnit! A was there first! So A dashes off to [city] with the intention of stopping the wedding. As the story continues, A has a lot of hilarious misadventures trying to split our devoted couple up, and along the way realises that they do actually love B. I won't spoil the end on the off chance that anyone would care, but it's just a totally cute film.

So, today one of my favourite, long-quiet communities - [ profile] sga_reel - posted a romcom challenge, and what was there on the list, at number 41? Yes, that's right, My Best Friend's Wedding.

I'm quite tempted. I keep refreshing the page to see if anyone's claimed it. ;) That said, I haven't written a single fictional word in over three years, and the deadline is in 8 weeks - within that 8 weeks I have a few other little things going on, like possibly buying a house, certainly moving out, passing my driving test (I hope!), and buying a car. So am I really going to be able to hit the deadline? Also - important factor to consider - I'm incredibly lazy.

But it would work really well. I'm planning it out in my head already. Ahrg!

ETA: Oh yeah, I also had my "away day" with my new work on Thursday. It went really well. Everyone seems very nice. I've got an awful lot to learn, not least NHS jargon, but I'm really looking forward to starting there. I was in a foul mood all day and terribly short-tempered with colleagues when I was back in work today, partly because of PMS but partly because I just want to get out of there and start my new job now.

Also I'm going to look at some houses tomorrow. Not as many as I'd like, but a start.


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